Concordia Seminary, St. Louis Food Bank Update

Laura Moehlmann, contact person for this grant sent this update on the work this year at the Food Bank .

The Food Bank at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis has been growing this year. A total of 263 students and their families are registered at the Food Bank. About 200 students use the Food Bank on a monthly basis. This includes 83 singles, 180 married couples, and 173 children for a grand total of 616 people receiving an assortment of foods that provide a well-rounded supplement to a well-balanced diet.

The Food Bank has been a great blessing to the students at Concordia Seminary for which they are grateful. They are happy to give back to the Food Bank by donating their time to stock donations, pick up the day old bread from St. Louis Bread Company, the parent company of Panera Bread, and sort out coupons. The Food Bank provides not only food, it provides a sense of community to the Seminary. Students don’t think of the Food Bank as a “hand out”. They see it as a way that people from all over the nation are supporting future pastors. Thank you for supporting your future pastors.

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