About Us

The LWML Rocky Mt. District is comprised of several states in the southwest. We have Colorado and New Mexico, as well as Vernal, Utah; Page, Arizona; and El Paso, Texas. With such a variety of places, our district is a fascinating place to live and visit. The greatest quality of people in the Rocky Mt. District is that they love the Lord Jesus Christ with all their hearts and let that love shine.

The focus for the LWML Rocky Mt. District: “The Rocky Mt. District Lutheran Women in Mission will, by God’s grace, enable each woman to share the Gospel with all people.”

More information about the LWML can be found at lwml.org.

District Officers

Shelley Stewart


Christie Peebles
Christian Life VP

Lesley Nordmeyer

Communications VP
Andi Noblitt
Gospel Outreach VP
Christina Bean
Servant Resources VP
Margaret Blazek

Yvonne Steeby


Pastor Pete Scheele

Sr. Pastoral Counselor

Pastor Duane Meissner

Jr. Pastoral Counselor

Mona Book

Assistant to the President

Nora Sotak

Assistant to the Treasurer

Sue Giddings
Tidings Editor
Becky Meyer

Barbara Wertz


Chris Bostron

Events Planning Committee Chairman

Nancy Kraft
Convention Chairman
Susan Avila


Janet Krogh


Lori Schick
Social Media Administrator
Sue Frauenfeld
Nominating Committee Chairman